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God of War Ragnarök

God Of War Ragnarok review 1

I am only 26 hours into the game and its definitely giving masterpiece vibes, 10/10 hands down. From the graphics to the game play, the controls to the narration, etc. this game is definitely living up to expectations and more. In my opinion, this game is GOTY (Game Of The Year) 2022…sorry Elden Ring🙃 What makes this game truly 1 of 1 for me is the narration. The game really picks up right where it left off from the 2018 game and it gets your interest and attention immediately. Seeing Kratos’s character development is dope in the sense that, you’re watching this guy who became a God, and we watch him do Godly things…but is now starting to show his humane side with his son Atreus and others in this journey. Looking forward to finishing this story!

Stephan Marcelin


God Of War Ragnarok review 2

God Of War Ragnarok is a masterclass in suspenseful storytelling. From the very beginning of the game, you are engaged which is a challenge for most sequels much less a 5th installment (wherever we are in the God of War franchise). The action is gripping, the suspense is constant, and the consequences of characters actions feel real and almost personal. The voice actors are second to none especially Odin. (Damn you Odin….) These are characters that we have heard their stories told hundreds of times in media and folklore yet for it all to be reimagined like this can only be done by creators and a studio that take real pride in this franchise and this work. For all the action, suspense, and drama this is at its core a story about fatherhood, loss, regret, and acceptance. Ragnarok is a masterpiece.

Rushshane Brown


God Of War Ragnarok review 3

God of war Ragnarok is an amazing game with a polish combat they built upon and a real great story. God of war 2018 was something different for all god of war fans from the previous installments, but Santa Monica did something incredible by making a masterpiece in 2018. So, Ragnarok had a lot to live up to. In my opinion they did live up to the hype! More content, a deeper story with Kratos and Atreus and even with the side characters getting more of a role towards the game by balancing every character in the game big or small. While I think the pacing was slow in the beginning and playing as Atreus wasn’t as great, they did a good job fleshing out his story and the role he plays as a Loki. But once it hits halfway through the game it’s a nonstop roller coaster with action, twist and turns and emotions that will have you craving for more. This is definitely a game that’s a contender for game of the year and by far one of the greatest game I’ve played ever.

DJ Jean-Marie


God Of War Ragnarok review 4

I would say the game is amazing, the perfect sequel to the 2018 release and more. The game will surprise you because of how jam packed it is with adventures. The open world is seamless and better than before. The post-game contents run deep and get deeper the more you explore. This game explains the concept of coming of age as Atreus loses his innocence to gain experience. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Nicholas Marcelin


God Of War Ragnarok review 5

After playing for about a week now, I have to say that this game is simply amazing! The way the story is told and the character development in the game makes you not even want to ever stop playing. Let's not forget about the combat. The transition between the two weapons allows you to pull off so many combos making you truly like a god of war. There is so much content I have yet discovered, and I honestly can't wait to get to them!

Gabriel Leroy


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