The Retro Gamer Guide To: Imagine Software

The Retro Gamer Guide To: Imagine Software

February 05, 2023

The first Imagine Software game was released in 1983 with the name Arcadia. It was originally an arcade game before being ported to the Amiga and other computer platforms. The gameplay focused on navigating a maze while avoiding obstacles and monsters. Since then, several sequels have been released covering different genres including adventure, racing, and puzzle games.

One of the most iconic games released by Imagine is Shadow Of The Beast. It follows Aarbron, a human who was turned into a monster by an evil sorcerer. Players must defeat enemies and complete puzzles in order to progress through multiple levels. The game was a huge success for the Amiga and has since been remade for various platforms such as the PlayStation 4.

Other notable titles from Imagine include Target: Renegade, a side-scrolling beat ‘em up game; Nightbreed: The Interactive Movie, an interactive movie based on the horror film; and Dizzy Down The Rapids, a puzzle platformer set in a watery underground world. Get your copy of this month's issue today.

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